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Guide for buying Philippines real estate for sale Cebu

How could we understand if a Philippines real estate for sale Cebu is worth buying? When thinking about buying in Philippines real estate for sale Cebu, or anywhere in general, you will find different guidelines that can be followed. These are simply some of them:

Transfer Certificate Title

Make sure that the "Transfer Certificate of Title" is authentic. The easiest method to ensure its authenticity is to go to the Register of Deeds where the property is located and order a "Certified True Copy " of the title. Afterwards, verify if the title is clean and not mortgaged. This is often seen at the back of the title underneath the heading "Encumbrances". When it is clean, nothing should be written under it. Likewise, the customer also offers to make sure that the land described in the title is usually the land that she or he is intending to buy, that the sellers are the real owners, understanding that the yearly taxes were paid.

Water, Sewer Connections, and Other Services

The buyer has to find out the availability of the city or community water and sewer connections. Should there be no sewer hookups, the client should offer to purchase land contingent with the capability to setup a septic system rated for the desired quantity of bedrooms. The readiness of other services, including electricity, phone and/or cable should be determined as well.

Philippines real estate for sale Cebu Accessibility

The land supposed to have been bought should have access from a public road, if not, the buyer must confirm if a road maintenance agreement has been created. A deeded right-of-way should also be in place if the land is not accessible by a public road. This would give the buyer and future owners the constitutional to certainly reach the area.

Environmental Hazards

Should there be old environmental hazards in the area, such as gas tanks, the buyer should decide if she or he desires to remove them or to ask the seller to take care of elimination and clean up.

Many Philippines real estate for sale Cebu are in different locations and atmosphere. A variety of them are situated in the cool and quiet mountainsides, while some are found along the serene coastlines and busy district of the heart of the city. If you would like to learn about a particular Philippines real estate for sale Cebu. For more information visit us @








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