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Vision :

"To be the top real estate marketing company in the Philippines in the field of project selling and brokerage adapting technology on IT superhighway. The first in the country to use E-Commerce as a tool to offer the best services for Home Buyers and Property Investors using the principle of E-Business through a program called "Findind a House with a Mouse, Investment through Proper Actual Data Assessment". Thereby revolutionizing the real estate industry to be one of the formidable pioneers in this field".

Mission :

"To attain the highest standard in property selling through highest ethical and moral standard guided by the code of ethics in real estate professionalism. Assist buyers and property investors in their pursuit of a decent home and worthwhile property investment while ensuring good business relationship to them to realized envisioned endeavors. Maintaining a strong and solid business linkages to property sellers and property developers and further adapt quick changes to market needs while ensuring virtuous working environment for sales and administrative staff".

Garces Realty is a company committed to excellence. Sales staff no less than the Realtor itself is a well-trained professional in his field during his stint as a real estate agent before he became a Realtor. The enhancement training continue as everybody in the group believes that education and learning will never stops. The team comprised the newest bread of entrepreneurs who are sharing the same values : High moral Principle and Work Ethics.

We value clients satisfaction above all because we are guided by the code of ethics in real estate professionalism.

Because......Real estate is a triggering factor of economic stability. It has considerable resale value. Real estate can often bring a higher return than many other forms of investments. It is considered a especially good investment during a period of inflation, when the value of property tends to rise specially residential properties. For that reason, we are here to help home buyers and investors, specially the first timers attain the most of their investments. We help eradicate the idea that was once struct in the the mind of every investors and home buyers. So the phrase that goes : When a person get sick, he may go to the doctor. When he has legal problems, call a lawyer. When looking for a property, he must call a real estate professional or a Realtor. Its amazing to know how people resort to call an Engineer, a relative or even a doctor to look for him a property. Our dear prospective buyers and prospective clients, we urge you to call on us.

Garces Realty is a free-lance real estate marketing company, accredited to sell almost all house & lot subdivision, lot only, condominiums, beach lots, beach share, sports club share, golf share, memorial parks, commercial and industrial developments all over metro Cebu and Cebu City area. We are a company based mainly here in beautiful island called Cebu - Philippines. Because of the current demands on real estate, inside our 7,100 islands Philippine archipelago and the international scene on real estate, Garces Realty expands locally, nationally and internationally. It maintains local partners in the country specifically in each of the key cities of the Philippines so that every client will be guided accordingly. Home buyers and property investors need not worry if they want to search home and property investments in a specific location anywhere in the country because Garces Realty has a tie-up with a credible Realtor or a Real Estate Marketing Company in that specific area. In the event there are 'none' in the area, we are putting a business affiliation direct to the home and property sellers. So investors and home buyers can talk directly to the sellers. We also maintain our foreign counterpart in the countries such as Singapore, Japan, Germany, UK, USA, Latin America, North America and Australia.

We do not do 'over pricing' and 'price-jock' up or encourage one to do it. That will mean dishonesty and does not deserve a single trust from you our dear clients. The price qouted is guaranteed direct from the sellers and or from the developers. We get professional fee by searching the property you want for a fee and after the consummation of the sale, we get our professional fee. However, for paid advertising located in Property Section of Key Cities and Municipalities in the Philippines and or which property is located outside Cebu, Garces Realty will claim to have no legal responsibity or obligation or whatsoever posted therein. The advertisers, who can either be a real estate agents, brokers, realtors and or owners has the sole responsibility of the informations and details posted.

Our activities are mainly focused on selling subdivision developments (house & Lot Package and Lot Only Package) condominium projects, beach lot and beach shares, proprietary shares, townhouses, sports club shares, memorial parks, commercial and industrial parks. We also maintain our Rental and Lease Department to maintain and serve rental and lease requirements from clients. However, for those who want to search home properties not under a specific subdivision developments which mostly we call brokerage, one can search all those properties in the featured property section. These properties are specifically located in Cebu. You can also do a search of property for sale in other specific cities and municipalities anywhere in the Philippines!! Yes from Apari to Jolo.

The organizational structures of the company is consist of 1 International Property Consultant, 15 Property Investment Director, each director has 10 Regional Property Managers and at least 10 Sales Executive each for every region. One Brokerage Division and a Rental and Lease Department.

If you are looking for different types of property which is not listed on our site, we do much more. We can find it for you. Click here for details.

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