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After staging a successful 1st Real Estate Auction Sale in the Internet last July 15 - July 30, 2012, Garces Real Estate once again showcase properties whose owners has the dire need to get it sold. These are properties will be the subject of the next Auction sale which are priced below Fair Market Value (FMV). Mark your calendar on April 15, 2014 for a 15day Auction Sale which shall end on April 30, 2014.

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Garces Real Estate, the leader and pioneer on Real Estate Advertising and Marketing though Internet in the Philippines will be staging the Second Real Estate Auction sale in the internet on April 15 - 30, 2014. The first real estate company to hold an auction right here on net. We are featuring properties which are at least 30% price cut base on Fair Market Value and or even more. How about 62% off? We have convinced owners and have pre-negotiated FSBO's just for your price satisfation. We do a lot more. Most of these properties are well maintained while others have minimal to considerable renovation requirement. Owner's leaving. Owners with health concerns. Owners on Divorce. Owners in debt. Or owners who are just simply want to 'get rid out' of their properties. Houses, Mansions, condos, beach lots, over looking subdivision lots, and a lot more.

Mechanics :

1. Our Second Real Estate Auction Sale is for properties mostly based here in Cebu, though we also feature one nice Dumaguete property and one in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. For Cebu, this inludes properties right at the city of Cebu, Metro Cebu, and all other neigbhoring cities and municipalities including the whole province of Cebu.

2. To make this event fair and fun to all interested participant, all of this mentioned properties shall only be available on the Auction date, which is April 15 - 30, 2014. You can view this on midnight or 12:01am of April 15, 2012 Philippine time and runs until the midnight of April 30, 2014. You can view this properties by going into our website and right at the homepage, at the left side menu, and first from the top, click the link thait says :


You can bookmark your interested properties at the page details of each listings.

3. Price qouted on each listing is the Minimum price to bid WHICH ARE LOCATED DOWN BELOW THE DESCRIPTION AREA of the listed properties. This figures were the lowest price we had agreed with the sellers therefore we encourage offers to be at that level although NOT A MUST. An interested applicant can try his luck to offer below our minimum price to bid. But in all instances, it is 'highly encourage' to bid each of the properties listed base on the minimum amount posted to get the attention of our sellers right away..

We will Employ 2 types of Auction. :

        a.) Sealed First - Price Auction, also known as a First-Price Sealed-Bid auction (FPSB) wherein all bidders simultaneously submit sealed bids so that no bidder knows the bid of any other participant. Any of the bidder accepted by the seller pays the price they submitted. Bidders can only submit one bid each property. Furthermore, each bidders cannot see the bids of other participants and they cannot adjust their own bids accordingly. We found it the best way for the process for the fact that this Auction is virtual. Same fair privileges in every participant.

        b.) Multi-unit auctions or Commodity Auctions, wherein the organizers or sellers sell more than one identical item (homogenous commodities) at the same time, rather than having a separate auctions for each unit. This type can be further classified as a uniform price auction. More than one buyer may be successful in the same Multi-Unit Auction. This describes the Condominium units we had included in our 1st Auction.

4. To bid, simply go to the Inquiry Button right below the description of the property shown on our website AND or request us the pre-drafted Letter of Intent (LOI) which we are going to send to you via email. You can send us email through or you can call on us using the listed telephone and mobile numbers, ym or skype and look for Ed Garces. You can also use the contact details reflected at the Contact Us button at the website or click the link below to reach on us :

5. In your LOI, kindly attached a "scanned copy" of your Holding Check worth 5% of your bid price. The check can be from any local bank. Same procedure for buyers outside Philippines. All checks must be made payable to Garces Realty. Please note that the Auction will run for 15 days to give way for other bidders to participate. In case there are more than 1 bidder of a single listing, all bids and other offers will be submitted to the Seller for deliberation. Like any other procedure, the seller will choose which one among the offers to take.

6. In case the bidder looses the sale to the other bidder, he can still participate by sending offer to other Auctioned properties listed or on the next Auction sale, with new properties on the line. Or the bidder can bid more than 1 properties at the same time. Therefore it is imperatively benificial to at least prepare 2 to 3 property preferences on the listings just in case first or second falls. Once the bid is not successful, we will inform the bidder right away, even before the Auction sale ends, that is, when the seller will decide to take another offer right away before the Auction ends.

7. All bids shall be processed on or before 31st of April. Sellers might be able to close the deal on before the deadline of the bidding.. Although other sellers can wait for the other offer to arrive, all bidders are advice to prepare for quick closing and other necessary documentary requirements such as Tax Identification Number (TIN) and, Copy of the Passport.

8. After the Auction Sale, all prices will be back to it's original offered price. Clients can wait for the next scheduled Auction Sale.

9. Financing is not provided on the purchase process. Owner financed is also a hard sell for the sellers. Aside from paying outright cash during closing, what we can do is we can help you process a Bank Financing on your purchase. The properties will be appraise by bank and the bank provide it's loanable value. This varies from properties to properties. Since our prices are cut down considerably, there is a high chances that banks will be able to provide the best figures possible as its loanble value. We have a tie-up bank for this process. Paying the property outright and having it loaned thereafter is also another quick closing strategy, with the property becoming the collateral of the loan of the new owner, aside from having it mortgage.

10. With our careful study on real estate marketing and the behavioral buying and selling pattern of our clientelle base on our 15 years experience, we are positive we will be be once again successful on this second venture and we will be able to find what you are looking for. All transactions are classified, legal, through our in-house legal cousels. I am Inviting seller and buyers alike to be part of this event. WHERE BUYERS AND SELLERS meet !

11. We will be sending you emails about this programs. For anybody who want to participate and registers earlier, kindly send me email at and or you can also input your email address in our Mailing List system right at the homepage of our website :

Good luck everybody and see you soon!


Mr. Edmund "ED" A. Garces, R.E.B
Garces Real Estate

Smart Mobile : +63 947-632 5588

Globe Mobile : +63 917 332 0568

Sun Mobile: +63 923 984 0915

Tels : 011-63-32-5155259 / or +63-32-5155259 if outside Philippines / Or

032-5155259 if outside Cebu but inside Philippines or

515-5259 Dial Directly if in Cebu


"Honesty is still the Best Policy"

"Success means Freedom"



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