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The Philippines says : THANK YOU WORLD | 2014-02-10
Thank you world! Thank you for helping on rebuilding Philippines. All around the world - "Thank you" Digital Billboards is New York's Times Square, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing, London's Piccadilly Circus, Potsdamer Platz cor. Leipziger Platz, Berlin, Germany, ION Orchard, Singapore, Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia, Paiknam Building, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea and five other cities at 2040 GMT Friday, exactly three months after Super Typhoon Haiyan struck the central Philippines. Haiyan, one of the strongest typhoons ever to hit land, smashed across 171 towns and cities in the central islands with a combined land area the size of Portugal, wrecking the homes of more than four million people.
PH among countries most ready for change | 2013-10-09
The Philippines may not be among the richest countries, but it is more prepared for change compared to higher-income economies, a new report showed. The country was the top performer among lower-middle income countries in the 2013 Change Readiness Index by Swiss audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG. Click the link to read more :
Happy 11th Anniversary Garces Real Estate | 2013-07-10
Congratulations to the staff, CSE's and agents of Garces Realty for making the firm to what it is today. Thank you for our clients, buyers and sellers a like. It is you who made us! Thanks also to our stakeholders. You are all part of our success.
Garces Real Estate Website on 2 New Domain Names | 2013-07-09
Am just happy! Finally my company's real estate website is now up and running again. To God be the Glory! Somebody took one website from me last year, God gives back two. I lost a daughter few years back, now God gives me 2 lovely intelligent daughters. I lost money from leeches and scammers, God gives it back hundred fold. I remember I lost a brother, my father and my mother, that hurts a lot, but my God gives back a handful real brotha from another motha, and parents too from different persona. I lost a family and a found a great family now! I lost friends and I gain many. That's how my God cared for me. I pray, through the blood name of Jesus Christ, that whoever wishes to pin me down, my God will still bless them the way his miracle works, to bring them back in-line to HIS rational being. I thank them, I thank my hackers, people who said my firm is down - that makes me even STRONGER! My real estate business is not down and was not been downed. It just follows a cycle, like waves, when it's at bottom, the only option is to go up again. and is now up and ready to serve even better to anybody who is wanting, talking and needing real estate.
Customer Alert! | 2013-06-23
Beware, real estate agents (colorum or license) posing as Garces Real Estate or Garces Realty, often asking for Western Union wire transfers or asking to sign documents. Often, knock your door without appointments. What you should do is to ask them their Garces Realty / Garces Real Estate ID card and or call Mr. Ed Garces, License R.E.B, 0947-6325588, for confirmation & proper guidance.
Welcome! Newest addition to Garces Realty / Garces Real Estate Team of Champions | 2013-06-23
I would like to welcome Ms. Louie Diacoma, Ms. Racel Mangubat and Ms. Jonalyn Gacayan as the newest addition to our team of champions! With the expertise of Ms. Louie Diacoma, a graduate of a Business Degree, augmentation of important aspect of company's day to day operation in sales, management and administration is expected to expand a wider scope. Ms. Racel Mangubat, is experienced in the field of customer relations, R & D and system administration. Ms. Jonalyn Gacayan, a computer wizard and an executive assistant. Together, they will make things happen - Ed Garces, REB
PH: World\'s best country in business English | 2012-04-25
Yahoo News By Shielo Mendoza | Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

Well, people will now have to think twice before mocking Pinoys' use of the English language. The Philippines was named the world’s best country in business English proficiency, even beating the United States, according to a recent study by GlobalEnglish Corporation. READ MORE, CLICK HERE...

Cebu lechon is PH bet for world\'s best barbecue | 2012-04-24
Yahoo News By Jonathan de Santos | Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom – Tue, Apr 24, 2012;

Cebu lechon will go head-to-head with the world's best at the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest in Memphis, the Department of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday. Read more, click here...

A move to transfer the International Airport to Cordova and the proposed undersea Tunnel for Cebu-Mactan, V.V. | 2011-12-09
THE planned transfer of the international airport to the Municipality of Cordova will gain the support of Rep. Rachel Marguerite del Mar (Cebu City, north) and her father, former congressman Raul del Mar. This is because it will complement their proposed undersea tunnel, which the older del Mar proposed during the 13th Congress and the younger del Mar refiled last year. The undersea tunnel is aimed to ease traffic on land and to be an alternative route linking Cebu City to other areas and spur economic growth. It is planned to stretch 500 meters long. Click here to read more....
Condolonce to the family of late Felix Codeniera | 2011-12-01
Felix Codeniera ♦July 10, 1965 - +Nov 29, 2011. R.I.P. You will always be remembered. From your Garces Realty family. Thank you very much for spending an 8 years working with us. We will miss you! Your days had gone but your dreams in life, your family still lives within us. It is our inspiration. - Ed Garces, Garces Real Estate
Japan Earthquake & Tsunami | 2011-03-12
Garces Real Estate joins the world to offer prayers to victims of Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. It was a tragic event!
Ed Garces Contact Information at Bangkok, Thailand | 2011-02-09
Hi everybody! Here is my contact number here in Bangkok until Feb 11 : +66847-634668. For my new and existing client-base here, drop me an sms or call me for update about Cebu's real estate. My email is still the same
Realtor\'s International Trip | 2011-02-06
Realtor® Ed Garces will be in Bangkok, Thailand on Feb 07 - 10, 2011. You can still reach him at info@ GarcesRealEstate. com or sms at his roaming +63-920-6687438 for smart and +63-32-9138565 for globe.
Koreans still top tourists in Cebu | 2010-12-20
KOREANS made up 33 percent of the total tourist arrivals in Central Visayas for the January to September period. A six percent increase was seen in the tourist arrivals compared to the same period last year. Read more...
Congratulations Congressman Manny Pacquiao | 2010-11-18
Garces Real Estate salutes once again to the biggest achievement of our countryman Rep. Manny Pacquiao, WBC Super Welterweight Champion for beating Antonio Margarito for the 8th World Title in 8 different weight categories. Filipinos really proves to excel in any fields of endeavor. Your hardwork, perseverance and prayers inspire us to move forward and aims for that something big.
Cebu has done it again. It has made it as one of the best islands in Asia, climbing one notch higher than its previous rank last year. Read More
CEBU IS 3RD BEST POPULAR BEACHES in the World, 2007, by YahooTravel | 2010-08-02
Calling All BeachcombersThere's nothing like warm, clear-blue waters and white sandy beaches to lift the spirits and get us dreaming of our next vacation get-away. READ MORE..
Congratulations Manny | 2009-11-22
Congratulations Pacman! Once again, you showed the versatility of a Filipino to conquer all odds to become the first boxer on the planet to earn the moniker, "One of the Greatest of All-Time". becoming the first Asian to earn 4 world title belt in 4 different weight categories and becoming the first in the World to earn 7 World Title Belts in 7 Different Weight Categories! Go for the 8th and 9th Manny!
See to Impress or See to Buy | 2009-03-12
Fake buyers, don't use us to view houses just to impress your Filipina girlfriend. Also, to our local & abroad buyers, please remind your family members/friends who act as your representative not to ask for a share for our professional fees. That's very unprofessional! If you wanna take a look at the property, please communicate with us first or the least, allow your representative to give to us your contact information so we can verify. For security purposes, we will not show the properties to your reps if that's not followed. Finally, if you wanna view houses, makes sure you are ready to buy it if you like it. There's much difference between VIEWING and be entertained for the sake of LOOKING than viewing for the sake of BUYING. We are sick and tired of being nice.
Colorum Real Estate Agents | 2008-04-21
Help us curb illegal real estate sales practice! Deal business to Licence Real Estate Brokers and or license salesman only! Contact US!
Realtors® Daily Radio program at DYKC | 2007-12-18
Realtor® Ed Garces has new program in one of the famous radio station in Cebu. Tune in to DYKC 675khz on your dial, 5.30pm-6:30pm, everyday Mon to Fri. This is the first radio program in the Philippines that talks about dream and aspirations in life through real estate w/ it's trends and updates. Where BUYERS and SELLERS meet together w/ GARCES REALTY. "Mga Pangandoy sa Kaugmaon" reach Visayas & Mindanao area! LISTEN LIVE!
Giving Rebates & Commissions to Buyers are Unethical! | 2007-06-10
No, we don't give rebates to buyers nor allow buyers or any of his/her relatives to split our Professional Fees. That proposal is the most disgusting proposal we can ever think of. In the Philippines, everybody can be a real estate agent - a maid, an Engineer, Doctor, Lawyers or even government officials or bank managers. Everybody knows this is illegal! Only licensed real estate broker can do real estate marketing business in the Philippines. What happen if a Realtor® caught pretending to be a lawyer or a doctor? He will spend 10 to 15 years in prison for illegal practice of profession. Nevertheless, we give referral fees to whoever can refer a client to Garces Realty office & the rates shall vary depending on the extent of participation. If a buyer want a split of our Professional Fees, how about if in 3 months time, we will also split his salary or income? Also, to give additional idea, the pricing & payment terms in almost all developers in Cebu is still the same whether a buyer have or don't have real estate agents. It is disadvantageous to think that once a buyer omits the agent, he can negotiate more to the developer - that will not follow. A buyer shall gain nothing but loose something - the same price & scheme but looses a good service which can be extended FREE of charge by the agent. Aside from that, a prospective buyer will also gain nemesis out of that process.
Garces Realty Unveils and Upholds almost Forgetten Policy | 2007-06-09
Our valued clients, we valued your time as much as we valued our time. We don't intend to trip you if you are not yet decided to buy even when you are certain about the property type you are looking for & or even you like the property we are presenting. We bring you to the site because we believe you will purchase the property if it meets your specification. We maintain our policy "No buy, No tripping".  If you wish to just roam around and want to know more about Cebu, you may hire a Tour guide. Additionally, we can't trip you if your time frame to buy is 3months, 6months, next year or next few years from now as it would be useless since property status and updates are no longer the same by that time. We trip REAL decided, interested outright buyers only! Finally, we don't trip your relatives if you don't keep in touch with us FIRST. Relatives sometimes became our competitor and sometimes, keep your money or contact other real estate agent and ask for commission which is very degrading to our business. We need your cooperation on this matter. Read More..  
Rationale on Processing Fees | 2007-06-08
For owners and buyers, yes we charge 10,000.00 pesos for Title processing, in addition to the standard government regulated taxes and registration fees. The fact is, FREE service is always worth what it is, but GOOD service is always never free. We can't sustain excellent service for free. The lining, the stress and the time dealing with some government offices is more tedious than our scope of work. For the benifit of everyone, our services is only limited to finding able and interested buyer, then creating a sound business environment to derive meeting of the minds between all parties. Finally, contract signing.
Garces Realty Office in Cebu | 2006-04-16
We are base in Cebu as contrary to what some unscrupulous individuals are telling to our buyers that there is no Garces Realty in Cebu or in the Philppines. Click our Business Address here!. Secondly, there are other agents claiming they are part of Garces Realty even if they are not. If you are an owner selling your property or an interested buyer/investor, always ask the agent their Identification Card showing they belong to Garces Realty.
Congratulations Manny \'Pacman\' Pacquiao | 2006-01-24
Congratulations on your recent victory over Erik Morales. We are very proud of you! You prove the EXELLENCE of a TRUE FILIPINO even to the hardest test of life. We salute you!
New Website Version | 2005-11-06
We just launched our Ver. 02 program in our website. Enjoy more convenience in surfing our site - FSBO's, Subdivision Project, Condos. Most of all, you can now search our database for any property for sale ANYWHERE in the Philippines. Garces Real Estate Website is now a Philippine Real Estate Portal! Search by locations thu Cities and Provinces!
Current Update | 2004-07-04
It has come to our attention that spammers are using our email addresses in the From field of their spam. Please be assured that Garces Realty did not and will NOT send out unsolicitated email. SunStar published a Plus & Special on Real Estate in Cebu. It hasn't been added in their site yet so we will be typing the articles as quickly as possible.

Please check our newsletter archive regularly. We especially recommend SunStar's "Why you might want to Hire a Realtor" article added July 1, 2004 as well as another SunStar article entitled "Illegal sales people" which was added last May 7, 2004.
The Realtor in Bacolod | 2004-04-17
 The Realtor will be in Bacolod from April 29, 2004 to May 01, 2004 for the Visayas-Mindanao Realtors Convention.
A reminder | 2004-01-20
  1. It is a total bad idea to benefit the sweat of other people. Our dear competitors, we can exercise a real professionalism on the business. I am calling on your attention, please refrain from copying the contents & pictures on this website.
  2. Dear Valued Garces Realty clients, we advice you to send the money directly to Garces Realty account or direct to the developer's or owner's account. NEVER TO ANY THIRD PARTY REPRESENTATIVE. We have just experience an unfair business practice with "Your representative" or even "your relatives" on this process. Clients also loose money because the representative never forward the money to us or to the developer's / owners office.
  3. Our website is not a free internet information gateway on Cebu or Philippine real estate. Therefore we spent a fortune in giving you this valuable piece of information. Please PITY us. Call or email us and recognize us as your intermediary between you and the developer or to the owners. You get the same price anyway. STRICTLY NO OVERPRICE! We don't want to hear that 2 or 3 real estate executives are claiming your sale. Very degrading! We valued customer relation and after sales service so much which put us above competition.

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