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  1. "dear ed, i was amazed by the results of house and lot ads in your website. it was my sister who was based from new york who introduced your site to me. she told me that you are the best, the most viewed real estate site, so we opted to advertise our property offered for sale. i got a lot of inquiries and in just less than 3 months, our property was sold - cash! by a european couple. thank you. thank you. i was now recommeding your website to my friends! "
    -eva, cebu city
  2. "Dear Ed, in our search for a house in the Philipines your website really helped usand made a difference. A clear overview what is for sale and under whatconditions that made the difference. We now have obtained a house in Cebu. Thanks to your aid. Coming from abroad it sounds easy "buy a house in Cebu". The day to day practice is a little bit more complicated. Thanks to your help and support everything went well. Thanks for your great help"
    -Klaas & Nelda Aragon, Holland
  3. "I really like the subdivision. My husband and I bought one lot. I\'m excited to be able to build our house there".
    -Celiste Marsada Smith, Portland
  4. "I\'m originally from the Philippines but grew up in Hawaii. I am constantly checking for websites regarding properties in the Philippines for I plan to return and retire there someday. This site is very informative and will highly recommend it to family and friends interested in acquiring properties in the Philippines either for business or for retirement purposes. I want to commend Mr. Garces and his team of professionals for a great job!"
    -Emerson Paranada, Hawaii
  5. " I have been in the Philippines since February 2003. A complete stranger to this country and with out any business contacts what so ever. Towards the end of February I was introduced to Mr. Edmund Garces, Realtor in Cebu - Philippines. Mr. Garces was able to find specified accommodation for me in just a very short time. I was impressed with his professional approach to my needs, his courtesy, and attitudes to me as a client.  
    It\'s been a pleasure to be associated with Mr. Garces, and over that the past 3 months he has become a close personal friend. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Mr. Garces and his staff and I highly recommend him and his business dealings....".

    -David Parkinson, Australia
  6. "This is the cooliest website I have ever browse. I recommend this to anyone who wants to buy property in the Philippines. I just bought one in Corona del Mar. The Realtor is very helpful, nice person and very friendly. Thanks for the help "Ed". Keep up the good work…. "
    -Chona Mazza, Sunny Isle bch, Fl
  7. "Congratulations on your new web-site!
    The best web-site for the most professional, most reliable realtor in
    the Philippines. Thanks for all your help over the last 10 months in finding us a property there in sunny Cebu. 
    Keep up the good work! It\'s great to have you assist us in our house search - you\'re very helpful. And, as we have discovered, a very trustworthy realtor. Thank you for all your help in the decision-making and purchase process. We are thankful that we found the best, most reliable realtor in Cebu!"

    -Geoff & Norma Pye, Manchester, England

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